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Most of the photos are
by David Belman.


The trouble with music events is that even the stunning ones often produce boring photographs. We have lots of images of a bunch of people in a room singing or playing various instruments, and they're all very similar. The person at the front waggling the stick is generally regarded as a god in the early music world (think Britney or Elton John), but that doesn't help if you're not into early music and the name doesn't mean anything to you. So most of these images are of the events that happened to be photogenic.

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Captions up to 2008 are from the fertile mind of Paul Baker.

Although it's true about the difficulty of generating really interesting photos from even the most musically exciting events, we'd like to encourage more
members to contribute their best shots. We now have a new Gallery. You can simply look at the pictures of course. But if you'd like to contribute,
do Register and you will be able to upload your own pictures. Or if you'd like to show a friend what they missed, you can even send an ecard (that's like a postcard but via email) using one of the photos in the Gallery. By the way if you're in one of these pictures and you would rather not be, just contact the Web Tzarina with details and she will remove you.

2009 Revels Feast

Join MEMF - we have pudding!

(The traditional Revels at Middleton Hall 2009)


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